Partner Benefits

Partner-centric products create organization-wide benefits

Because our products are built from understanding problems and providing tenable solutions, the units that touch revenue generation throughout your organization will benefit from using them.

  • Sales & fundraising teams
    Confidently attack your sales goals knowing that pipelines are assigned with a steady stream of quality leads. Easily identify which prospects from your entire contact databases are highly likely to purchase at any point in time.
  • Sales & fundraising leaders
    Ensure higher win rates with each campaign by focusing your team’s efforts on the right prospects, with the right products or proposals, at the right time
  • BI & CRM teams
    Easily identify which prospects from your entire contact databases are highly likely to purchase at any point in time
  • Sales & fundraising teams
    Generate more revenue faster by focusing on the right opportunities to win business, and get bad deals out of the pipeline more quickly
  • Sales & fundraising leaders
    Greater visibility into your team’s pipeline and more meaningful coaching sessions supported by data-driven insights
  • BI & CRM teams
    Scale your ability to support the entire organization by avoiding hours invested interpreting sales data that lives in different systems
  • Sales & Service Reps
    Maximize your renewal rates by applying efforts to riskier accounts 365 days of the year instead of only during your renewal period
  • Sales Leadership
    Ensure maximum retention and renewal rates every year regardless of any circumstances out of your control (e.g., disappointing on-field results)
  • BI CRM personnel
    Avoid labor intensive modeling exercises that only predict aggregate renewal outcomes or that project individual season ticket holder results when it is too late for the service team to impact outcomes
  • Sales & fundraising leadership
    Nip CRM compliance issues in the bud with fact-based reporting that highlights behaviors that are difficult to see with the naked eye
  • Tech and CRM teams
    Ensure proper usage of the CRM system in which you invested a great deal of time building
  • Sales Reps & Gift Officers
    Receive actionable feedback from leaders through data-based insights
  • BI team
    Save time typically invested in pulling data from multiple sources to analyze data
  • Tech team
    Save time spent trying to run down the genesis of problems and their solutions through proactive error notifications
  • Organizational leadership
    Be assured of trustworthy reporting based on clear and efficient assembling of all of your relevant data sources under one umbrella regardless of visualization tool
  • Analytics & BI team
    Flexible reporting tool allows for easily customizable reporting
  • Senior executive staff
    Unprecedented visibility into your revenue-generating teams through flexible reporting systems
  • Executives & team leaders
    Receive relevant, accurate reports on a scheduled cadence
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