UWM improves productivity and increases revenue

Streamlining workflows allows detailed audience exploration and simplifies targeted list building process

Effectively leveraging data to engage and communicate with constituents is critical to achieving positive sales and fundraising results. Pulling data from multiple source systems to create lists requires significant effort. And, because the process of developing a list is often so complex, much of the communication with constituents tends to be broad. The result is either messaging that isn’t relevant to the entire audience, or it is lengthy in an attempt to be all things to all audiences.  UWM examined targeted audiences and messaging, the manual effort involved in creating lists, and the time required to complete this process. They decided to take an innovative approach to address this challenge.

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Adam Schemm

Adam Schemm / Senior Associate AD, External Services

The PILYTIX Audience Builder CDP helped us quickly and easily identify key targets so we could market to the right audience in advance of hosting the early rounds of the league's basketball tournament. With the ability to target the venue location and nearby fans, we were able to sellout the campus arena for the first time in years.