What is a customer data platform, or CDP?

Easily access your customer data in one place

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a dynamic user experience built on top of a system that extracts data from all customer-related source systems –– such as customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing systems –– and pulls it together in one place. The CDP enables a user to explore every datapoint relevant to each customer, and it automates building audiences that streamline the creation of marketing campaigns and related information sharing.

Why choose the PILYTIX Audience Builder CDP?

Streamline processes and save time

The Audience Builder CDP is the PILYTIX solution to building lists for use in marketing and communications. The power of the Audience Builder CDP is in its speed, simplicity, flexibility, and delivery. Any user can quickly and easily build an audience list with desired parameters by selecting from a set of customized filters. With each click of a filter, the user visually sees the size of their selected audience – and can even see how it would change based on any new values they might select. Parameters and audience size are easily adjusted on the fly by selecting additional filters to include, or deselecting filters when no longer desired. Once the desired audience is achieved, the list can be sent directly to an email marketing or CRM system, or downloaded in a designated export format.

Using the PILTYIX Audience Builder CDP won’t change your process – it will streamline it – allowing you to allocate the time saved to a shorter day, neglected projects, or a business function that has been pushed aside for lack of time. Therefore, the true value of the PILTYIX Audience Builder CDP is time saved – the ultimate efficiency that every organization can identify with.

What makes the PILYTIX Audience Builder CDP different?

What makes the PILYTIX Audience Builder CDP different?

Technology makes the difference

The PILYTIX Audience Builder CDP sits on top of our zeroG lakehouse platform, the most up-to-date, nimble, data management technology. The lakehouse is capable of adapting to the fast-paced, rapidly changing data environments common among the industries we serve. This highly effective platform is the foundation for our reliable, fast, easy, and pain-free, audience building and delivery solution.