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Weightless Data Transformation

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Harness the power of your data with a customized integration platform designed to address today's needs and adapt to tomorrow's changes.

PILYTIX zeroG® Lakehouse

combines the benefits of both data warehouses and data lakes in order to be a one-stop data integration platform that weightlessly ingests, stores, and transforms your data.


This ultramodern data lakehouse platform delivers the structure and organization of the traditional data warehouse along with the flexibility, adaptability, and advanced analytics capabilities of the data lake.


In industries with rapidly evolving data, zeroG overcomes the limitations of legacy data management platforms, and it serves as the foundation for the PILYTIX suite of A.I. products.

Example Inputs


Digital Marketing

Ticketing & Events


Example Outputs

Precision Sales & Fundraising Guidance

PILYTIX A.I.-Powered revenue enhancement

Audience Builder CDP

PILYTIX transformational marketing efficiency

CRM Integration

Reliable integration of “True Data”

Custom Reporting

Reliable delivery of “True Data”

Mountains of data are generated by your organization on a daily basis. In order to draw meaningful insights from this data, it must be aggregated, accurate and accessible.


But your data also changes with remarkable frequency – and this means that your data management platform must also be adaptable.

zeroG® Lakehouse transforms your organization into a data-driven powerhouse.


Organizations with constantly changing data – sources, fields and structures – face significant roadblocks in their efforts to harness the full power of all their data. Data, analytics and I.T. professionals invest inordinate amounts of time manually integrating, cleaning and checking data for even the most basic reports – and their colleagues still question the output generated from all the effort.

PILYTIX zeroG Lakehouse provides a level of reliability that eliminates the time wasted maintaining integrated datasets, freeing Data, Analytics, and IT professionals to play a more purposeful, strategic role in your organization. And with reliable, accurate, and comprehensive data at their fingertips, your business leaders and other key stakeholders are empowered to make quick, confident decisions.

How It Works

Raw Data Sources

The unique and varied data sources that drive each partner’s business are targeted by the zeroG Lakehouse.

Raw Data Sources 1

Data Interface Blades

An internal library of pre-built connectors allows for quick onboarding by the PILYTIX engineering team - and the nimble ingest framework enables PILYTIX engineers to quickly add new data sources to the library if necessary.

Data Interface Blades 2

Incremental Ingest Engine

Incremental changes to data are ingested on a pre-defined schedule in an efficient and highly parallelized process that uses advanced 24/7 monitoring and alerting mechanisms to support data integrity.

Incremental Ingest Engine 3

Time-Dimensioned Data Archive

All raw data — including timestamped changes to the data or its structure — is archived in a semi-structured native format in the PILTYIX lakehouse to be able to reconstruct the current or any former state of the data.

Time-Dimensioned Data Archive 4

Processing Engine

Data with defined use cases is cleaned, merged, de-duped, and aggregated in custom data pipelines authored by PILYTIX expert Data Scientists to precisely handle the nuances of each partner’s specific data environment.

Processing Engine 5

Rapid Access Tables

Aggregations that are optimized for speed are stored in the PILYTIX lakehouse and can power various applications ranging from basic business intelligence (e.g., Tableau) to more sophisticated, revenue-enhancing artificial intelligence, (e.g., the PILYTIX A.I. suite of products).

Rapid Access Tables 6

The ideal solution combines the best attributes of both a data warehouse and a data lake – without their flaws.

PILYTIX zeroG® versus traditional tools

Data warehouses have been the go-to architectural solution for maintaining a centralized hub of cleaned, organized, and well-structured data since the 1980s. Easy to use for technical and non-technical individuals alike, they can eliminate manual processing to uncover valuable business insights across many data sources. However, in today’s modern data climate, data warehouses lack the necessary flexibility to quickly adapt to ever-evolving data sources with never-before-seen content. Since they are so rigidly optimized for the organizational needs at the time of their creation, they are unable to escape an endless cycle of costly maintenance and time-consuming modifications.

In response to these shortcomings, the data lake was introduced to provide an alternative rooted in flexibility and scalability. With little overhead, data lakes can cheaply load and store vast quantities of data from any source with any structure (or lack thereof) to facilitate cutting-edge AI applications. However, with no simple interfaces from which to glean insights, they ultimately prove unusable for most business users – often catering only to the handful with advanced expertise. And because they lack the systematization to enforce accuracy and processing integrity, data lakes often devolve into “data swamps” – glorified storage spaces with subpar quality assurance.

The ideal solution combines the best of both a data warehouse and data lake without their flaws – this is the PILYTIX ZeroG Lakehouse.

Data Warehouse
Data Lake
ZeroG Lakehouse
Ease of Implementation

Time and effort required by in-house personnel planning and supporting the buildout

Implementation Timing

6 - 12+ Months

1 - 4 months

1 - 4 months

Data Storage
Data Warehouse
Data Lake
ZeroG Lakehouse
Optimized for Structured Data
Optimized for Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data
Retains Unmapped Raw Data from All Sources
Retains Time-Dimensioned Archive of Data and Data Structure Changes
Data Warehouse
Data Lake
ZeroG Lakehouse
Practical Environment for Data Analysts and Business Intelligence Users
Practical Environment for Data Scientists and ML Engineers
Supports many downstream applications that are easily accessible to non-technical personnel

(e.g., a Consumer Data Platform or Reporting Tool)

Optimal for Advanced Analytics (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence)
Optimal for Visualization, Basic Analytics and Recurring Reports
Data Warehouse
Data Lake
ZeroG Lakehouse
Easily Adapts to Structural Changes

(e.g., adding a new data source or switching source systems)

Easily Adapts to Source Service Disruptions

(e.g., the digital marketing system goes offline for 24 hours)

Easily Adapts to Source Field Modifications

(e.g., adding a new prospect classification in CRM or a new event type in a ticketing system)

Easy Troubleshooting and Monitoring

(e.g., identifying and fixing issues that result in output that doesn’t match inputs)

Data Warehouse
Data Lake
ZeroG Lakehouse
Implementation Costs
Maintenance costs
Modification costs