Sports & Entertainment Sales Solutions

Make your sales staff more productive and increase your organization’s revenue

Sales teams exist to maximize your profitability. In an age of spam blockers, reduced budgets, and workforce reductions, teams need an edge to stay motivated and ensure the most motivated and at-risk customers don’t get lost in an unprioritized pile of leads.

PILTYIX Sports and Entertainment Sales Solutions ensure your teams are concentrating on the right business at the right time – maintaining their maximum efficiency and garnering the highest possible revenue in the shortest period of time.

Dynamic Lead Scoring

A revolutionary approach to prospect pools

Your best sales prospects are constantly moving targets – their interest levels vacillate based on team performance, life circumstances, and financial priorities. These real-time data changes influence your prospect’s likelihood to purchase. Unlike other lead scoring products, Dynamic Lead Scoring constantly capitalizes on all of this changing data, providing daily updates and identifying your best sales prospects as their interest levels peak.

This revolutionary approach allows sales leaders to assign the most likely leads first and empowers you to build campaigns around prospects who are most likely to purchase today.

Pipeline Accelerator

Prioritize the best deals and drive faster decisions

Once a lead is engaged, it becomes an open opportunity. Traditional team follow-ups on open opportunities are driven by a “gut feeling” or random distribution and often result in surprise losses or unexpected wins – but almost always in wasted time.

Fully integrated with your CRM, the Pipeline Accelerator provides reps with actionable, data-generated insight into their open opportunities, allowing them to move opportunities of higher quality through the pipeline quickly – and close more business by winning or losing faster.

Retention 365

Retain customers who are least likely to renew

Most fans will renew every year regardless of the outreach efforts of the sales and service team. Other fans require significant focus from an attentive service team. Retention 365 represents a fundamental shift in how teams maximize their annual renewal rates. Updated nightly, 365 days a year, Retention 365 identifies customers requiring greater attention from your sales/service team. Focusing the efforts of a leaner service team on the renewal prospects who represent the greatest risk of cancelling their ticket packages allows teams to maximize renewal rates and shift resources to new business sales.

Data Quality Auditor

Improve the sales approach

The PILTYIX Data Quality Auditor provides objective, data-based insights regarding a sales representative’s approach to data entry. Sales leaders can use this information to suggest tweaks that will improve their representative’s approach to their customers. Changes in behavior are reflected in the PILTYIX portal, allowing individuals to see productive, objective improvements in their performance over time.