Data Management Solutions

Ensure clean data and drive insights from multiple data sources

Your data is voluminous and rich - but only when you are able to glean business insights from it. Such insights are driven by integrating multiple source systems, then being able to easily extract data that both informs and tells the stories of your customers, processes, and financial health. PILTYIX Hub is the most efficient tool for sports organizations and universities to ingest multiple data streams into a clean, usable, and centralized database.

The Hub

The Hub

Join disparate data sources without friction

Sports organizations and universities have big, cumbersome datasets that are constantly evolving. These unique datasets are populated with a unique mix of B2B and B2C contacts – millions of regularly updated transaction records, logged interactions between contacts and organizational personnel, and huge volumes of strategy-informing data captured by digital communications tools.

Deriving timely, usable insights from such a unique data environment requires a nimble approach to ingesting, centralizing, and transforming your data. Many organizations use a highly structured data warehouse to integrate multiple data sources. Given the rapidly evolving nature of your data and the need to update technical sources of data as new solutions come on the market, an overly structured solution can interfere with the ability to effectively use the data. PILYTIX leverages a hybrid platform, or lakehouse technology, to combine the structural benefits of the traditional data warehouse with the flexibility of an ultramodern data lake.

Leveraging cutting-edge tools to ingest, centralize, and transform data, PILYTIX Hub strives to provide frictionless, timely integrations that result in the ability to derive powerful insights from your data. Issue tracking allows for transparent communication with our partners via notifications, then any problems are addressed in a timely manner. Additionally, new data sources can be quickly integrated without exorbitant fees.