PILYTIX prepares for accelerated growth in sports sales and university fundraising with new branding

AUSTIN, Texas – PILYTIX, an Austin-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology company focused on helping collegiate and professional sports teams and university fundraisers leverage data to move customers more effectively through their pipelines, has introduced a new website and brand identity.

The new logo and website showcase a reinvigorated visual look and feel indicative of a constantly evolving market and reinforce the company’s core commitment to its mission: developing data-driven solutions dedicated to increasing the revenue efficiency and effectiveness of sports teams and universities.

The logo design is more modern and bolder, better representing the advanced technology developed using artificial intelligence to maximize revenue and reduce costs for sports sales and fundraising organizations. The updated brand illustrates PILYTIX’s increasing growth in the industry while retaining its commitment and dedication to its current clients.

“Our rebranding efforts are designed to reinforce our commitment to our partners and their evolving revenue generation needs – especially while the impacts of COVID-19 are still being realized,” said Jim Dries, chief executive officer at PILTYIX. “These times are wrought with reduced staffs and budgets. To be successful, sales and fundraising teams must manage their time to focus on improved and accelerated revenue-generating processes. In order to do this, sports teams and universities must effectively leverage their data to win more and drive faster decisions. The new brand updates the original funnel concept to graphically represent the company’s responsiveness to changing markets and agile sales and fundraising processes.”

“As a user at the University of Texas, I saw this company’s commitment to results firsthand,” said Teri Pierce, vice president of marketing at PILTYIX. “Our new brand reflects the commitment to an even stronger brand – not just visually, but also in our approach to revenue-generating teams and processes as a whole. We will continue to help sports sales and university fundraising teams of all sizes grow and leverage their data in a more profitable way with a new brand that symbolizes our commitment to continuous growth and innovation,” said Pierce. “Consistent use of our products will showcase the value we bring to our customers – to both save money and make money faster.”


PILYTIX is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology company based in Austin, Texas, offering data-driven solutions that help organizations improve sports sales and fundraising efforts. PILYTIX’s proprietary AI and machine learning software encourages a philosophical shift in the sales and fundraising processes, enabling sales representatives and gift officers to focus on the right customers at the right time. In addition to their pipeline management tools, PILYTIX has expanded their offerings for sports sales and university fundraising teams to now include lead scoring, retention, and data quality products. PILYTIX also offers data management solutions that allow for powerful insights from the integration of disparate data sources. PILYTIX was co-founded in 2015 by Jim Dries and Hendrik Kits van Heyningen.